NAME:                         KEVIN HESSAM
WEIGHT:                    194lbs (87 KG)
HEIGHT:                     5’11” (178 CM)
DATE OF BIRTH:   April 25TH, 1993



Before becoming a bodybuilder and a personal trainer, Kevin Hessam played multiple sports and learned different martial arts. At the age of 4, encouraged by his mother, he started taking tae kwon do classes. At the age of 8 he switches his interest towards Judo, meanwhile he was taking piano lessons for 4 years. At 12 he started soccer, playing for a local team called Petrarca for about 6 years, being captain of the team and winning multiple championships. At 18 he started playing college football for 4 years. As a runningback he led his team in scoring and was awarded MVP for multiple seasons. During his 20s he added kickboxing to his routine. Around the same age as when he started playing football, Kevin made a one-month trip to New York where he got to meet his cousin Russell, a professional bodybuilder for the IFBB federation. Since then Kevin was inspired and made bodybuilding a constant part of his life, he went on to earn the certificate of personal trainer from National Strength and Conditioning Association. Kevin started working with people, helping them to reach their maximum potential in developing their bodies.

He dedicated his life to bodybuilding and since 2016 has been taking part in different competitions. As a personal trainer he has been able to transform the bodies of hundreds of people and to make his motivation and knowledge contagious to them. As a model he always challenge himself to inspire and motivate others. His body, his ambition and his motivation are inspiration to thousands of people around the world thanks to his fitness page. Due to the hundreds of questions and inquiries about his every day training and nutrition he decided to create his personal website –, where everyone will have the chance to receive everything needed for reaching the maximum physical potential.